LSAT Engine Strategy Blog

April 2019

Here's some law school advice from our resident 1L, Guillermo, who is currently working on his JD at Loyola Law School.

February 2019

Here's some law school advice from our resident 2L, Hayley, who is currently completing her JD at Fordham University.

Here's some law school advice from our resident 3L, Daniel, who is currently completing his JD at the University of Southern California.

November 2018

From the new interface to the important transition date (July 2019), here’s everything that you need to know about the big switch.

The big day is almost coming up, and you may feel the urge to go crazy cramming the night before the LSAT. Don’t do that, but do these things.

October 2018

Applying to law school? Learn about writing a diversity statement here.

Everything you need to bring to test day, with a handy printable checklist.

If your hard work has stopped translating into score increases, here are some tips to help you overcome an LSAT score plateau.

Consider the relative costs and benefits of regional law schools vs. national law schools.

Five must-know tips to help you score higher on the Logic Games section of the LSAT.

September 2018

An explanation of the way that the LSAT is curved and the ways in which people discuss that curve.

A system to help you stay organized during application season by creating a personalized list of law schools.

Some great advice for improving your chances of getting accepted off of a Law School's waitlist.

An overview of the different types of fee waivers available to law school applicants.

August 2018

An outline to help you assemble an impressive law school resume.

A helpful resource for putting together your best personal statement.

A guide to the Law School Admission Council's Credential Assembly Service.

A comparison of the LSAT and the GRE for law school admissions.

July 2018

Some of the best resources for making good admissions decisions.

A list of helpful tips for attending law school fairs this fall.

Some things to consider when thinking about applying early decision.

A thorough and methodical approach to the Writing Sample at the end of the LSAT.

How to get the most out of your letters of recommendation.

June 2018

A handy checklist to keep you organized while you get your applications together.

Tips and tricks to maximize the time you spend studying.

February 2018

When you're out of time and you have to guess on a few questions, this strategy is up to 50% better than picking a random letter.