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Law school is a big commitment. It’s three years of your life, it’s not cheap, and it’s not easy. So for those currently in the decision-making process, we have some tips to help you move toward the right choice.

1. Research, Research, Research

Hopefully you have already made a list from the application season (we have a whole blog post dedicated to this here). Remove schools that you are no longer considering, and narrow the list down to your top 5-7 choices. If you are interested in a particular type of law, research each school and see if it has programs dedicated to that field.

2. Visit the School

Culture and location are extremely important, and they are something that a prospective student can only really feel during an in-person event or campus visit. Trust your instincts. Talk to current students, alumni, and faculty if you can. Get an honest opinion on the environment in which you will be spending the next three years of your life! If finances are a problem, many schools offer travel stipends or reimbursements for you to come out to campus.

3. Consider the Costs

We wish this wasn’t a factor. We really do. But law school is so incredibly expensive. You definitely don’t want to be bogged down by student loans and compounding interest for decades after graduation. Consider the scholarships and aid that you are offered, and don’t be afraid to leverage your offers when speaking with other schools.

4. Where Do You Want to Work?

Attending a law school in the location where you eventually want to practice can make the transition to the career world much easier, as your school will likely have its greatest concentration of connections for internship placements and associate positions within its immediate area.

5. Look at Numbers Beyond Overall Ranking

Employment after Graduation and Bar Passage Rate are also incredibly important to consider. Take a holistic approach. Overall ranking definitely catches the eye first, but it doesn’t complete the picture.

We hope these tips help and we are so proud of everyone who is at this point of the process! Hang in there. You’re almost a 1L!

Posted: 3-9-2020