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As you start applying to law schools, do not panic if you hear back from a few schools that you have been placed on the waitlist. While it is not the most ideal result, being placed on the waitlist is not the end of the world. Waitlisted students are generally students that the law school will admit if there are enough spots in the class. As accepted students withdraw their spots, more applicants from the waitlist will be placed into the admitted pool. Here are some tips for boosting your chances of acceptance from the waitlist:

  1. Accept your spot on the waitlist promptly and enthusiastically. Follow the instructions provided by the specific law school. Some schools will require that you confirm your spot on the waitlist, others will place you there unless you decide to opt out.
  2. Send a Letter of Continued Interest to the admissions team. In this letter you should further thank them for keeping you in consideration, express your continued interest, and provide any updates to your application. Keep the letter to one page, double-spaced.
  3. Send updated resumes, transcripts, and LSAT scores. If you are on the waitlist when your fall grades are released, send these to your schools. Improved grades might give you the extra bump that you need or at least show schools that you are motivated and hardworking. If you took the LSAT again and received a higher score, send the new score to all of the schools where you are on the waitlist. A one or two point LSAT increase can make a difference.
  4. Schedule a visit if possible and let the school know that you are coming. This shows the admissions team that you are serious about attending the school if you are accepted. This can sometimes result in you meeting with someone from the admissions team and can function as an informal interview. Make sure you are prepared when you visit campuses.
  5. Send any professional or extracurricular updates that highlight new leadership roles.

It is important to express your continued interest in way that is respectful and professional. Advice varies, but one update a month should be enough to keep the school updated without pestering the board. Good luck!

Posted: 9-11-2018