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Are you contemplating whether you should take the LSAT Flex exam or wait for the LSAT to go back to its usual in-person format? With multiple administrations of the LSAT Flex exam now completed, we’ve broken down some of the pros of the LSAT Flex and why you should consider taking it instead of the “normal” LSAT.

1. The LSAT Flex exam is significantly shorter than the regular LSAT

While the regular LSAT is as much a test of endurance as it is of content and skill, the LSAT Flex exam allows for those students whose focus tends to wane towards the end of the exam to shine. With only one LR section and no experimental 5th section, the LSAT Flex requires intense focus for 3 sections instead of 5. Given this advantage, many students are seeing great increases in their scores.

Since the LSAT Flex is here to stay (at least through April 2021), it might be beneficial for you to take advantage of it while you have the chance.

2. Law schools evaluate the LSAT Flex the same way as the LSAT

Law schools have provided important information in a recent survey, stating that when evaluating applications, law schools are not making a distinction between an LSAT Flex score and a regular score. Therefore, a 170 or a 165 on the LSAT Flex is viewed the same as a 170 or 165 on the traditional LSAT exam.

3. Virtual exams prevent having to race to get a spot at a physical location

Many of our students in the past have had to secure spots at physical locations, sometimes having to travel more than 50 miles away if a spot was not open in a location near their homes. Taking the exam virtually may be a disadvantage for those who do not have a quiet place free of distractions to take it; however, if you are able to guarantee a quiet place in your home or if a library is open near your home, having the ability to take it virtually can benefit you by allowing you to take it in a location you feel comfortable in, without having to travel out of your area for the exam.

4. The LSAT Flex may become the “new normal”

Though LSAC has stated that the LSAT Flex will be the format of the exam through at least April 2021, given the fact that there has been so much positive feedback on the format, it might just be here to stay. Operating under that assumption, you should not delay your plans to take the exam and go to law school in the hopes of taking the exam in person.

We here at LSAT Engine have completely adapted our course to reflect the changes that the LSAT Flex exam presents. We are committed to helping all of our students achieve the highest results possible for them and have even helped a recent student receive a perfect 180 on the LSAT Flex.

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Posted: 10-27-2020