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If you took the September 2022 LSAT, this article will be helpful to determine which sections were real and which were experimental. Further, we explain which sections were considered harder, which can affect the curve and your overall LSAT score.

Logic Games (real)

The Friday morning Logic Games section was recycled from the November 2020 LSAT and included:

  • Art gallery with paintings and sculptures
  • Veterinarian visits zoo animals
  • Types of food at a restaurant
  • Finance and oversight municipal divisions (hardest game)

This section was slightly harder than average, maybe enough to move the curve a half a point in the more lenient direction.

There was a games section that appeared mostly on Saturday that included:

  • Six people attend a show from Monday to Thursday
  • Journalists writing articles in different genres
  • Managers assigned to formal and informal restaurants (hardest game)
  • Ordering six products

This section was also slightly harder than average, maybe enough to move the curve a half a point in the more lenient direction. Both of these sections were scored and real.

Logic Games (experimental)

There was an experimental games section on Saturday that included:

  • Seven presenters at a workshop
  • Six Fields being fertilized with different colors of fertilizer over years (hardest game)
  • Composer recruiting singers for solos duets and trios
  • Award ceremony with first second and third places

Reading Comprehension (real)

The first real RC section to show up on Friday was harder than average and included:

  • Removing indigenous people from Canadian national parks (hard, especially for a first passage)
  • Academic and scientific journals publishing on the internet (comparative)
  • Francisco Goya (hardest passage) black paintings difficulty in dating and attributing
  • Law and punishment should Justice be utilitarian

Another Real RC section that began to show up on Friday included:

  • Pueblo Indians and tribal sovereignty
  • American sign language and symbolic language structures
  • Griffin and myths of the ancient world
  • Dark matter Newton's laws of gravity

Both of these sections were real, and they were both hard enough to loosen the curve by 1/2 a point, especially since both of the real games sections were more a little more difficult than average.

Reading Comprehension (experimental)

The experimental RC included:

  • Cree language
  • Electronic memory
  • The death of free will
  • Laws about apology

Logical Reasoning (real)

The first real Logical Reasoning section had questions about:

  • Dinosaurs butting heads
  • Monkeys teaching behavior (angry)
  • Crystals and rubies
  • Low carb vs. high carb diet
  • Eating potatoes before bed
  • Early artificial intelligence
  • Qualifying for employee benefits

The second real Logical Reasoning section had questions about:

  • Lightning causing fires
  • Hypnotherapy and weight loss
  • Japanese emissions per capita
  • Frog and human reproduction
  • Hunter-gatherers raising children
  • Honey bees
  • Colonizing space
  • Translator wants to translate a book

Both of the LR sections had a pretty standard assortment of easy, medium, and hard questions, and they are unlikely to have an impact on the curve in either direction. So no matter what combination of sections you had, it was probably a slightly harder than average test, and probably roughly -8 to get a 170 and a -21 to get a 160.

Posted: 9-14-2022