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The big day is almost coming up, and you may feel the urge to go crazy cramming the night before the LSAT. Don’t do that, but do these things:

The Day Before

  • Pack everything you need for the LSAT, most importantly your photo ID and ticket
    • We have a blogpost with a checklist of EVERYTHING you need here
  • Make sure you know where the testing center is and that you have transportation planned
  • Do some activities you enjoy that will be relaxing
    • Get a massage, watch your favorite TV show, listen to music, go running, whatever!
  • DON’T CRAM. The LSAT is not a test that you can cram for. Trust all the hard work you have put in. If you want to review a little, go over some key concepts. If you’re an LSAT Engine student, go over your LR cheat sheet
  • No alcohol
  • Set multiple alarms--you don’t want to risk sleeping through one
  • Try to get a good night’s sleep (8 hours at least)
    • This goes for the three nights leading up to the LSAT as well - try to get at least 8 hours each night

The Morning Of

  • Read over some questions that you’ve answered wrong before on practice tests/quizzes but now understand the mistake you made
    • This way, you’re reviewing material that you learned, but you don’t have to risk getting a question wrong and lowering morale
  • Eat a balanced breakfast
    • Fats, proteins, carbs
  • Drink coffee if it is part of your daily routine
  • Dress in layers; you never know how hot/cold the testing center will be
  • Consider warming up with a few questions that you've done before--ideally, you should review some questions that you initially missed, but that you now understand. You should remind yourself what you learned from each mistake, and set an intention to not to make the same mistake on the test today
  • Arrive to the test center early
  • Use the restroom before you enter the testing room

These are all our tips for the day before and morning of the LSAT. Don’t stress too much - your hard work will pay off! If you have any questions, feel free to email [email protected]

Good luck students!

Posted: 11-6-2018