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The Credential Assembly Service is provided by LSAC and required by almost all ABA-approved law schools in the admissions process. The CAS standardizes documents and information to create a CAS Report which is sent to all of the schools that you apply to.

Your CAS report includes:

  • Your Academic Summary Report which has two parts:
    • Your Undergraduate Summary which calculates your undergraduate GPA and your rank compared to other GPAs at your undergraduate university. This GPA is sometimes different than the GPA given to you by your school, so make sure to rely on the Credential Assembly Service calculation of your GPA.
      • If you are curious about what your CAS calculated GPA will be, here is the official CAS grade conversion chart. If you are curious about which grades will be included/excluded in the conversion or have other questions about how your GPA is calculated click here to learn more.
    • Your LSAT Score which includes your best official LSAT score and a comparison to the scores that other applicants from your undergraduate university received.
  • Your Letters of Recommendation
    • You can choose which schools receive each letter of recommendation through the CAS section of your LSAC account.
  • Your Transcripts
    • You must submit your official transcripts which you can request from every academic institution you have attended, including abroad programs.
  • Your Personal Statement(s)
    • As with your Letters of Reccomendation, You can have different vesions of your personal statement, and you can choose which schools receive each particular version.
  • Your LSAT History
    • This section has all of your scores, test dates, your average LSAT score, and your LSAT score percentile.

How to Register:

You can register for CAS from your LSAC account. Once you login to your account, you will be directed to your home page. From here, select “Credentials and CAS”. You will be directed to the following page:

Select “Purchase CAS”. Then you will be asked to enter your billing information and pay the fee of $195.

After paying the fee you will receive a confirmation email. Once you have registered with CAS you can request your transcripts and letters of recommendation to submit to LSAC. The earlier you register for CAS, the more time you allow for your documents to be processed. We recommend registering for CAS at least six weeks before your first application is due.

Posted: 8-16-2018