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Here at LSAT Engine we recognize that new students are increasingly signing up for our course with differing levels of experience and unique scheduling challenges. We are excited to announce several new features that address these differences and make our course even more effective!


Our students have mentioned how important it is for them to build a custom schedule based on their course start date and their targeted test date. Based on this feedback we’ve reworked our “Schedule” page so that students can make these changes to their own schedules. Students can now change the dates of individual lessons, sections, and practice tests as well as their official test date.

Rebuild Schedule

If students want to reschedule everything in their course at the same time, they can reconstruct their schedule using our brand new “Rebuild” page.

Here are some circumstances when students might want to rebuild their schedules:

  • They have fallen behind and they’d like to make a clean start
  • They have changed their test date and they’d like to update their schedule accordingly
  • They want to change the number of hours per week that they have scheduled
  • They want to make a schedule that only includes certain lessons or section types

The schedule builder allows the student to choose the following:

  • How many minutes to schedule on each day of the week
  • How many practice tests to schedule each week, and when to start scheduling them
  • What lesson and section types to include in the schedule
  • Whether to include an initial practice test

We have thought a lot about the default values for setting up the most effective schedule and we think they are ideal for most students, so it’s a good idea to leave the default settings alone.


We’ve also created a new “Materials” page that gives students control over the official LSAT PrepTests that are included in their course.

By default, we use the oldest ~30 PrepTests for quizzes and practicing individual question types. These PrepTests are included in a student’s quiz pool.

We set aside the next ~15 PrepTests to be used as full-section practice. These will show up on a student’s schedule as Reasoning sections, Games sections, and Comp sections.

We use the ~15 most recent PrepTests as practice tests. These exams show up on a student’s schedule as “PrepTest 85” or “PrepTest 89”, and they feature 3 scored sections and 1 unscored section, reflecting the current test format.

On the “Materials” page, a student can change how any PrepTest is used in his/her course. He/she can add extra practice tests, add or redo any full section, and add or remove PrepTests from his/her quiz pool.

As with the schedule builder, we think the defaults here will work for most people, and we are always happy to chat with our students about what adjustments might make sense for them.

Explanations Search

The new “Explanations” page allows a student to quickly pull up a video explanation for any question, game, or passage in our course. We have always made it easy for students to watch explanations for the questions that they’ve done through LSAT Engine, but many students use other materials while they are studying. Now they can access our explanations for the questions they encounter in those other materials.

Office Hours and Resources

We’ve added a page to let students know when office hours are coming up, and it includes the zoom link to join those office hours. We’ve also added a “Resources” page where students can find links to helpful blog articles, PDFs from the course, and several ways to get in touch with us including a calendly link to schedule private consultation to discuss their progress in the course.

We are really excited about all of these upgrades, and we are already getting great feedback about them. We look forward to even more improvements in the coming months, as we strive to be the most effective LSAT preparation option available at any price.

Posted: 3-23-2022