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What is a diversity statement?

The diversity statement is an optional component of your law school application that you may choose to include to give the admissions team a better idea of who you are. While these essays are not required, they are strongly recommended by most admissions counselors and universities. Law schools generally do not want to admit 300 students with the same background, as that does not inspire growth. Instead, law schools want a diverse group of students to foster a challenging and productive learning environment. A diversity statement is your chance to inform law schools about how you will contribute to their campuses.

When should you write one?

You should write a diversity statement if you can reflect anything that makes you stand out from your peers. A diversity statement is not limited to race, gender, or sexual orientation. You can write about any experience that has shaped your outlook on life.

How does a diversity statement differ from your personal statement?

Law school diversity statements are generally shorter than personal statements and are more detail oriented. While your personal statement aims to tell a law school who you are and why you want to go to law school, your diversity statement should say what has shaped you thus far. While the two can have some overlap, it is better to try to reveal another side of you to the admissions board that is not present anywhere else in your application.

How should you format your diversity statement?

Unlike the personal statement which is usually more uniform, many schools have different requirements for diversity statements if they ask for it at all. Be sure to check the instructions of EACH school. Some schools may permit 2 pages while other schools will ask for a maximum of 300 characters.

Final Takeaway:

Diversity statements are a great way for the admissions board to learn more about who you are and how you will contribute to an incoming law class. However, this essay alone will probably not boost you up into the admitted pool if your numbers are lower than the schools averages so make sure you are studying hard for your LSAT! Sign up for our comprehensive LSAT course here and email us with any questions at [email protected].

Posted: 10-30-2018