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If your hard work has stopped translating into score increases, here are some tips to help you overcome an LSAT score plateau:

1. Take a break

Sometimes your brain just needs a break from the intensive LSAT practice that you are doing. Taking a couple days to completely remove yourself from LSAT practice may help you stop feeling burnt out and give you a fresh perspective on the test.

2. Do some untimed sections

Some may argue that there is no merit to untimed sections, but by doing a few of these, you may be able to discern if the questions that you are missing are due to a lack of understanding or to pressure based on timing.

3. Change up your studying structure

If you have been doing a lot of full sections, but see that you still keep missing a particular type of question, do some quizzes of that particular type. On LSAT Engine, you have the option of creating quizzes with the specific question types that you want to target. On the other hand, if you have been doing random practice questions intensely, and you have not seen an increase in your score, try doing full sections. This may be an issue of mental stamina.

4. Analyze your past practice tests

If there are patterns of consistent mistakes in particular question types, identifying those consistencies is the first step to overcoming them. TRACK YOUR MISTAKES!

5. Focus on perfecting Logic Games, Logical Reasoning, and then Reading Comprehension

Logic games is the most predictable section of the LSAT, and it tests the most learnable skills. Reading composition is typically the slowest to improve because it is the most (of the three sections) dependent on pre-established skills.

6. Don’t stress, and reach out for help!

It can be very stressful to see your hard work not translate to point increases on the LSAT, but don’t be scared to reach out for help! Reach out to your LSAT Engine performance counselor, tutor, or teacher to see if they have any helpful tips that are targeted to you. An outside perspective can definitely help. Feel free to email us with any questions at [email protected].

Good luck studying!

Posted: 10-16-2018