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Back in March, LSAC announced a new product that would give students access to 71 official LSAT PrepTests for $99; this product was to become the only way students could view licensed, digital content from LSAC beginning in Summer 2020. 100% of the $99 goes to LSAC and all LSAT preparation programs that use LSAC official material must now do so with this product.

Luckily, we’re making it easy for all of our students to purchase this package directly on our website. Alternatively, LSAT students can also purchase the package directly at and use it with our course at

Here are 7 Important Things to Know:

1) Prep Plus is Transferable between Coaching Services (i.e. LSAT prep companies)

Once you purchase this package, regardless of whom you use for your preparation, your LSAC Prep PLUS package will follow you. You will not have to repurchase the package each time you try out a new LSAT prep company. You buy the tests once and take them with you wherever you go.

2) The Digital Interface is EXACTLY the same as the LSAT-Flex You’ll See on Test Day

The subscription provides access to 71 tests formatted exactly like the official LSAT exam. The interface also functions in the exact same way as the REAL test.

3) The Interface is the same for ALL Test Prep Companies that License Questions

There will be no more discrepancies between how individual companies choose to display official LSAT content. All companies who have been granted a license to use these questions (including LSAT Engine) will now access the same interface.

4) No Breakdown/Analysis of Scores from LSAC (yet)

These are just the practice tests themselves. You will not be able to receive an analysis or breakdown of your performance and NO question explanations are provided from LSAC. But we can get some basic data from LSAC and provide an analysis for you. Also, there currently isn't a 3-section flex version available; all tests taken through the LSAC portal are standard 4-section tests.

5) Price Increase

Unfortunately, with this added fee, the price of your prep will increase by $99.

6) Tests are ONLY Available as Full Tests

There are no individual sections for these practice tests. You will have to take the tests in their entirety, without being able to take the test in sections on LSAC’s site. In order for you to get your results, you have to complete the full test. We hope that LSAC will add this feature in the very near future.

How LSAT Engine is Adapting

First, we will continue to offer detailed data and analysis to supplement your practice questions, and we can still provide custom quizzes, individual sections, and 3-section Flex-formatted tests. We are offering the new LSAC-hosted practice tests in addition to our other practice materials, not as a replacement for them. Here at LSAT Engine we want to ensure that our students are fully prepared for the LSAT. To do so, we are going to add the ability to take the LSAC Prep PLUS full practice tests onto our platform. However, we are ALSO going to leave all of our quizzes and individual one section items in place, just like before.

If you have any questions about the new LSAC Prep PLUS program, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Posted: 8-4-2020