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As the school year picks up, there will be law school fairs for you to attend. These fairs are a great chance for you to get in-depth information about schools that will help you evaluate which program is the best fit for you.

  • Have a list of 3-6 questions prepared per school
    • LSAC has a handy list of questions that you can look at here
    • Tailor the questions to your own needs and points of interest
    • The representative CAN TELL if you are just asking questions to ask questions. So ask questions you care about
    • DON’T ask questions the school already has answered on its website (eg. don’t ask about the median LSAT and GPA; you should already know this)
  • Look up which schools are attending the fair, and take note of which programs you are interested in
    • Create a list and research specific programs by going on each school's website
    • Categorize the schools by reach, safety, and match. We recommend visiting a mix of these schools at the fair
  • If you are a “splitter” (high GPA/ low LSAT or low GPA/high LSAT), you can ask for the representative's opinion regarding your situation and for tips on improving your application
  • Introduce yourself and smile! This is your chance to make a personal connection with the representative
  • Make eye contact and be present during the conversation
  • Ask for the representative’s business card, and be sure to thank them for their time afterwards!
    • After each representative you talk to, take a minute or two to jot down some specific notes about the conversation while the memories are still fresh in your mind. That way you can reference them later, if you need to
  • Collect informational materials from schoosls that you're interested in; these can be very helpful for you to review after the fair
  • Use the notes you took after talking to the reps to email them within 24 hours of the event
    • Thank them again for talking to you
    • State specific things that you learned/talked about in the conversation
    • Let them know if you have any other questions, and if your conversation has inspired you to apply to the school

We hope this information makes your next law school fair a little more fruitful and productive!

Posted: 7-24-2018