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Law school isn’t cheap, and neither is applying for it. When accounting for paying for the LSAT/GRE, the CAS, and each CAS law school report ($35 for every school for which it’s required), application fees from each individual school can seem overwhelming, especially if you’re planning to apply to 10 or more law schools. Thankfully, many schools offer application fee waivers, so read on to see some different ways you can acquire these waivers.

LSAC Fee Waiver

This is both the best and most unlikely way to acquire a fee waiver. LSAC maintains that only those with extreme need should apply. This fee waiver will waive the fees for two LSATs, your CAS fee, and four CAS law school reports. Additionally, most law schools (Harvard states that it does here) will automatically waive your application fee if you receive an LSAC fee waiver. Read more about the LSAC fee waiver here.

Automatic Fee Waivers

Some schools offer automatic fee waivers with specific circumstances.

  • USC Gould School of Law automatically waives application fees for anyone who applies by Feb. 1st
  • Notre Dame Law School automatically waives application fees for anyone who applies directly through their application system.

LSAC’s Candidate Referral Service

This is a service that asks you to answer a range of questions about yourself, including intended enrollment year, GPA, and interests. It will then match you with law schools. Many law schools actually use the CRS to offer fee waivers.

Attend a Law School Fair

If you are currently an undergraduate at a university, see if your school is having a law school fair soon. Many schools will likely be giving out fee waivers, but if the rep you are talking to does not offer a waiver, politely ask if they have a program and how to apply.

Directly Inquire with a School

Before doing so, make sure to read the school website’s on the matter. Every school has a different policy. For example, Notre Dame Law School has a Google Form that you can fill out to apply for a waiver. Harvard Law School on the other hand, only grants waivers on the basis of financial need. Columbia Law School does not process application fee waiver requests unless you are a currently-enrolled undergraduate at Columbia University. If the school does allow requests, send a short and polite email detailing your LSAC GPA, LSAT score, and LSAC account number. However, keep in mind that schools tend to provide waivers to students who are statistically more competitive (LSAT and GPA).

Posted: 9-4-2018